Come and try possibly the best mobile Fish & Chips in the UK



Fish & Chips are one of the Nation's favourite dishes and we're proud to put in the hard work and dedication to make each portion as irresistably tasty as the last, using only the finest of fresh local produce.


Excellence and consistency are our top priorities as we bring quality fish and delicious hand cut chips to Yorkshire, The Midlands and beyond!



Our Fish

We have carefully selected our suppliers to make sure we consistently supply you the best quality fish possible.  We only use 6-8oz fillets of cod and haddock, which has been sourced from MSC approved suppliers.  Our batter is always light and crispy and is made using our secret recipe!  That way you are always guaranteed a fresh tasting fish every time and we're sure you'll be coming back for more!



Our Chips

We only use the finest locally sourced potatoes to make sure our chips are as fresh and as tasty as possible.  We freshly prepare them each day, just enough for that particular booking.  So you can rest assured knowing that your chips will be as good as (if not better than!) your favourite traditional chippy!  We also use fresh chips that we source pre-peeled and cut.  We're confident that whichever type of chip you choose it will one of the best you've ever eaten!



Our Oil

We cook in vegetable oil, which is great news for everyone.  Whether you are a vegetarian or not, you can always enjoy a healthier cooked portion of fish and chips that hasn't been cooked in traditional beef dripping, which is higher in saturated fats.




Special Dietary Requirements

We cater for any customers on a Coeliac Diet. If you or any of your guests have a gluten intolerance please let us know when you book. We want everyone to be able to enjoy our tasty batter - Gluten or no gluten!


Nutrition Facts about fish & chips

We're pleased to say that Fish and Chips are less than 10% fat if cooked properly and an average portion size is less than 1,000 calories. A large fillet of cod or haddock will contain 30-40g of you can rest assured that you're making a healthy choice compared to other fast food options...


For example, an average chinese meal will contain approximately 2,040 calories and an average pizza will contain approximately 2,880. We'd choose Fish & Chips every time :-)

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